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Funding Educations thru 529 Plans

You remember the day you gave it to her. But does she?



AARP did a study in 2002 that predicted by 2010 there would be 80 million grandparents in this country spending, on average, $489 per year on their grandchildren. That's 30 billion dollars annually....but how many of those gifts will stand the test of time?

If $489 a year was invested in a 529 Plan at the beginning of each year for a period of 18 years and had a moderate growth of 8%,* the balance at the end of the period would approximate $19,780.

Imagine the memories and future you could help provide- Education is the gift that keeps on giving.  Learn more today, contact Robert Dains, CPA, CFP(R), CSEP at 203/383-4411.

Here are some of our future college graduates:


* The rates of return shown above are purely hypothetical and do not represent the performance of any individual investment or portfolio of investments. They are for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to predict future product performance. Specific rates of return, especially for extended time periods, will vary over time. There is also a higher degree of risk associated with investments that offer the potential for higher rates of return. You should consult with your representative before making any investment decision.